We're still over a month away from The Descent Part 2's American DVD debut (brought to you by the folks at Lionsgate), but that doesn't mean it's too early to make audience's aware of the title. The New York Post's PopWrap blog got dibs on the first trailer for the film--and it looks like it should please fans of the original.

The sequel picks up where Neil Marshall's film left off. Lone survivor Sarah (Shauna MacDonald) escapes from the caves but is forced to return with a rescue team. Naturally, this new group runs afoul of the subterranean mutants that populated the first film. It's like going back for a second helping at the human buffet! The creatures appear to be a little more feral and savage this time out.

This film is bypassing theaters in favor of a direct to DVD release on April 27th. Extras haven't been officially confirmed yet, but I posted the tentative list almost a month ago. You can peruse that article by clicking here.

Jump past the break to check out the official trailer for The Descent Part 2
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