There are the classic films we've never seen (that we confess to on Twitter on #fessupfriday), and then there are the movies we just keep meaning to see and for whatever reason just keep putting off. The former might include titles we never expect to see nor desire to put any effort into seeing. (I'll likely never feel the need to see either Doctor Zhivagoin its entirety or The Jazz Singerat all, even for historical purpose.) The latter are those films in our Netflix queue that might remain in a position between #5 and #10 for years, but which will never make it up into the top five due to being sidelined for other more preferred titles (usually new releases).

Looking at my own queue right now, some of the titles that have been in the same relative spot for way too long include Last Year at Marienbad, The Foot Fist Way, Repulsion, Timecrimes and a whole bunch of Ingmar Bergman titles. I know, there's no rhyme or reason to these unrelated and very dissimilar movies (except the Bergmans, collectively). They're just honestly movies that keep getting passed over. The fact that I now only get one disc at a time that sits in my apartment for awhile, as I mostly view Instant stuff via my Roku, only adds to the problem. I came this close to watching Timecrimes awhile back when it was available on Instant, but now that it's not, the physical DVD may never make it into my mailbox. For no good reason at all.
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