Alice in WonderlandTicket sales for Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' fell by nearly 50 percent over totals from its second weekend, but when you open with $116 million, a $62-million follow-up is nothing to cry about. In just 10 days, 'Alice' has leaped over the $200 million hurdle to an estimated total of $208.5 million. This 3-D dream can't last, but at the moment, 'Alice' is headed toward Pandora.

The weekend's four new wide releases --'Green Zone,''She's Out of My League,' ''Remember Me' and 'Our Family Wedding' -- finished in second, third, fourth and sixth with respective openings of $14.5 million, $9.6 million, $8.3 million and $7.6 million. Martin Scorsese's hit thriller 'Shutter Island' dropped to fifth after two weekends atop the chart, taking in $8.4 million for a 17-day total of $108 million.