Picture taken by James Rocchi.

Celebrity Sightings: Things are pretty quiet on the celeb front, but there are a few goodies lurking on the Twitter. EIC Erik Davis snapped some celeb pictures today -- Scott Weinberg with Matt Reeves and Robert Rodriguez, plus Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) chatting with Reeves. And if you have one of those spiffy television computers that can do the impossible, you might be able to spot Patrick Wilson and Judy Greer in this pic.

Our Coverage: Today kicked off with a preview of Predators, which Todd Gilchrist called "a terrifically riveting blast of fanboy provocation." Hit the post to see the sneak peek for yourself. Then Scott offered a chat about international genre fare with the man behind the beloved Alamo Drafthouse -- Tim League, Todd chatted with Paul Gordon -- writer/director/star of Happy Poet, and Erik Childress offered an interview with American Grindhouse director Elijah Drenner.

On the review front, Jette Kernion saw Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Micmacs and wrote: "Micmacs is possibly Jeunet's silliest film, which is saying something -- less dark than Delicatessen, less romantic than Amelie or A Very Long Engagement. Its playfulness is engaging and contagious and takes over any seriousness of story or plot. This could wear thin in a longer movie, but it's 105 minutes ... and I didn't check my watch once."

Finally, our own Weinberg headed a horror panel called "Directing the Dead: Genre Directors Spill Their Guts." I'm sure he'll share panel perks soon. (I hope!) since, as Eric Kohn noted: "I went ahead & wrote 45 min of material to make for Quentin's absence." - @scottEweinberg moderating the Directing the Dead panel #sxsw"