If you're like me and constantly have a movie soundtrack playing in your head during the most random moments of your life, then you might want to consider ThinkGeek's Personal Soundtrack Shirt as an essential part of your wardrobe. Thanks to the cutting edge modern technology in this tee (is that the Twitter bird?), you'll have 20 available soundtrack tunes to add to your everyday existence, and the ability to download your own.

The shirt was invented as a gag gift for April Fool's day but the geniuses at ThinkGeek Labs had such an overwhelming response to the product, they decided to unleash the shirt on the public for purchase year round. A working speaker on the front plays the smooth sounds of your choice (10 music themes or 10 sound effects) and includes a 20 button remote, because fumbling between "Disco Floor" and "Sexy Time Theme" would be highly embarrassing. There's an SD memory card to download your own songs and you can also play tunes from your iPod or other portable audio player. The whole gig runs on 4 AAA batteries and is machine washable.

This shirt may come in handy until the day arrives where I'm as cool as Lee Van Cleef (or Banjo!) à la Sabata -- then I'll just have my own full orchestral soundtrack that mysteriously follows me everywhere. Music and the shirt in action after the jump.