I used to have a long-running complaint that there were certain directors who just didn't work as often as they should. In the case of David Fincher, I grudgingly accepted it because his uncompromising nature as a director resulted in some of my all-time favorite films. But, judging by the news-wire these days, I may have to take Fincher off my list of "cinematic teases." Variety is now reporting that Fincher is in talks with Colombia Pictures to direct Pawn Sacrifice, a chess drama about the great Bobby Fischer and his life leading up to the legendary match against Boris Spassky. According to sources, Steve Knight's script has garnered plenty of attention in Hollywood from other A-list directors, and was quickly snapped up by Tobey Maguire to produce, and possibly star.

The news of Fincher's potential involvement with the chess flick came days after word had surfaced that he was still looking for a studio for his Heavy Metal re-imaginingand was also in talks to direct The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. It's certainly a change for the usually slow-paced director, who has proven that he isn't afraid to walk away from a project rather than abandon his principles, and it was probably that same attitude that led to Fincher's previous battles with Paramount. Variety even speculates that perhaps Fincher has found a new home at Colombia, having already started work on the Facebook drama Social Network for the studio.

I've been a fan of Fincher long enough to know that he isn't afraid to pull the plug, so until these movies are in production, I won't hold my breath. Then again, maybe I should try and be a bit more optimistic, and I can only hope that Fincher has finally caught the productivity bug.
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