Are you like me and are way too cool to be in Austin, Texas, attending this year's SXSW? I mean, who wants to spend a week in the city with the best movie theaters and BBQ in the country and attend a festival filled to the brim with amazing movies? Who wants to be there in person as Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal premiere footage from the upcoming Predators?

Pssh. Certainly not this guy.

Because you and me are too cool to be blowing the roof off SXSW 2010, we get to stay at home and visit the brand-spankin' new Predators website and partake in a two-minute sneak peek, read an official synopsis and take a look at some concept art for a nasty looking "Predator Hound." The site is pretty bare bones right now, but the little details in the sound and imagery are going to send chills down the spines of any card-carrying members of the Official Predator Fan Club. You are a member, right?

Of course, the highlight is the sneak peek, which, for a minor promotional piece with very little footage, manages to deliver in spades. We get Rodriguez talking about this and that, we get some behind-the-scenes stuff, we get some gorgeous and atmospheric footage of Adrien Brody and company looking concerned in the jungle, we get some running, we get a two second of shot of- OH MY GOD IT'S A PREDATOR!

Will this be the return to form that so many fans are hoping for following the disastrous Alien Vs. Predator motion picture nightmares? It's too early to tell, but the fact that I'm seeing a lot more of Nimrod Antal's claustrophobic and intense style in the snippets of footage rather than Rodriguez's overly digital and silly style makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Meanwhile, Cinematical was on hand for the trailer footage from SXSW and they have a full report right here. Click on over there to check 'em out.

The full trailer for Predators will be online on March 18 and the movie will be in theaters this July.
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