Over the course of his long and often troubled career, now-sober actor Robert Downey, Jr. was frequently accused of being spaced out while filming. But never quite this literally.

According to Deadline, Downey is in talks to play the lead in Alfonso Cuarón's upcoming 3D deep space drama 'Gravity.' The film, which Cuarón co-wrote with his son and fellow filmmaker Jonas, follows the story of two astronauts left adrift in the cosmos when an accident destroys their space station.

Cuarón, who is no stranger to science fiction thanks to his acclaimed near future dystopia epic 'Children of Men,' originally developed the film for Universal with the idea of Angelina Jolie playing the female lead. Universal passed on the project, however, putting Jolie's status in doubt. While Deadline reports that Jolie has dropped out, Cinematical reported just last month that she was clearing her schedule to prepare for the role.
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