The jury may still be out on whether or not the world has gone ga-ga for Aussie actor Sam Worthington, but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from attaching his name to every action/fantasy/sci-fi franchise around. The latest property to bear the Worthington connection -- according to Pajiba -- will be the big-screen adaptation of the UK comic book hero Dan Dare, with Worthington in the lead, of course. Dare was created by Frank Hampson, and was known for complex stories and stunning artwork. It had popped in and out of English pop culture over the years as a radio show, and also as a television series (that, for the most part, didn't go beyond the planning stages).

In 2008, interest in Dare resurfaced thanks to a Nickelodeon UK animated series, and a limited comic book run by Garth Ennis and Gary Erskine for Virgin Comics (who also owned the rights at the time for Dare). When Virgin Comics dissolved, Dynamite Entertainment picked up the rights, and sources are claiming that Warner Brothers is fast-tracking the project to find a writer and director for the sci-fi story.

The latest attempt to bring Dare to the big screen started in 2007, but the wait could be over. According to Pajiba, it's full-steam ahead for the tale of England's answer to Buck Rogers. The name Dan Dare is relatively unknown on this side of the pond, but even if you aren't familiar with the original comics, you'll have to agree that just going on looks, Worthington isn't a bad choice for the dashing Colonel. Worthington has already signed to star and produce another comic book adaptation, Last Days of American Crime, and judging by the rumors alone, he's going to be pretty busy for the foreseeable future. So I guess whether you like him or not, we all better get used to having him around.
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