You've seen Jonah Hill in movies like Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, and Accepted, and he's a very funny guy. There's a tendency to expect hilarity when he comes onscreen (my favorite unexpectedly funny scene with him is in Rocket Science), but the guy has some dramatic legs that he's only begun to stretch. In Cyrushe does just that. It's not to say the movie isn't funny, because it has plenty of comedic moments, but this is definitely not the Jonah Hill you're used to seeing.

Besides being an actor and a writer, he's a self-proclaimed movie fan, and he spends plenty of time on the web reading sites like Cinematical. He's just as excited for movies as everyone else, and read on through to see what his upcoming recommendations are. He also talks about what life is like for him post-Superbad, what it's like being known as "the funny guy," and everything else he's up to. If you could bottle his enthusiasm for just about any topic, we wouldn't need to invent cold fusion.