You know who's great? Women. Seriously, they're one of my favorite genders. And you know who agrees with me? Ken Wardrop, whose adorably sweet documentary His & Hers presents life through the eyes of about 70 different Irish women. I should caution you that if you watch this movie, you will be struck with an overwhelming desire to go hug your wife, sister, girlfriend, mother, or daughter, whichever beloved female is closest and will tolerate being hugged by you.

Wardrop's concept is simplicity itself. Having rounded up all these Irish lasses, ranging in age from 4 to 90, he has each one talk to the camera and describe her relationships with the men in her life. The footage is arranged according to the age of the subject, starting with a toddler talking about her daddy, all the way up through a nonagenarian discussing her late husband. In between, teenagers talk about their boyfriends, young women describe their fiancés, middle-aged women tell us about their sons and husbands, and so forth.

While this may sound like an extremely chauvinistic concept -- you give these women a forum, but all they're allowed to talk about is MEN?? -- it's actually the exact opposite. What emerges is an appreciation for the clear and indisputable fact that women exercise incredible influence over the men around them. Starting in the womb, ending at death, and usually at several points in between, every man's life is impacted significantly by his mom, his sisters, his grandma, his girlfriends, his wife. The women in the film represent a cross-section of those important females.