Your film is world premiering at SXSW. Your A-list starlets are in attendance. Best of all, the movie's playing extremely well to the crowd at Austin's Paramount Theater. And then, two-thirds through the film, the projector malfunctions and the packed house is staring at an empty screen. What's a filmmaker to do when unforeseeable disaster strikes his film premiere?

If you're Sebastian Gutierrez, you put on a brave face, step onto the stage, and hold an impromptu Q&A session while staffers furiously try to fix the snafu. That's just what he did Sunday night at SXSW when a technical issue interrupted his Women in Trouble sequel Elektra Luxxa little more than an hour into the film, and while those in attendance would have liked to have seen how it ended (they didn't get to), Gutierrez's effort and good nature won the crowd over.

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