When six Howling movies just aren't enough there's always room for one more and we told you back in November about a new addition to the werewolf franchise that promised to be a "Twilight/Gossip Girl wannabe with some Lost Boys thrown in for good measure." Well, it looks like former studio marketing exec Joe Nimziki who is helming The Howling: Reborn is keeping good on that promise, according to the guys at BD. They have just released the first plot details for the seventh film in the series, which will begin shooting in Montreal, Canada this May.

In The Howling: Reborn "a teenager graduating from high school finally gets the girl he's been pining over for years, but unfortunately for him once he's landed the love of his life he discovers that he's cursed and will transform into a werewolf. Even worse, not only does he have his own internal conflict to contend with, he must also battle an entire pack of werewolves who are hellbent on killing both he and his new girlfriend."

Did I lose you at "teenager" and "pining"?

Joe Dante's original film has a special place in my heart and while I've peeked at a sequel or two, I never got into them the same as the first flick. Even though Dante's is a classic, does it really matter that we have another cruddy sounding sequel after having 5 bad flicks before it? Or do you totally disagree and think this sounds like the makeover the franchise needed?
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