At a coffee shop in the Seattle suburbs, York Baur and Jason Brown seem like two ordinary guys having their usual afternoon cup. But if there are any 'Twilight' fans in the house -- and there's got to be at least one, if not 17 -- they would have found it quite a kick that these two men produced and directed 'Twilight In Forks: The Saga of the Real Town.'

The documentary brings the town of Forks, Washington, into light -- from its history and culture, to its somewhat bewildered but enthusiastic locals, to the thousands of Twifans who visit from across the globe. Forks' new status as a Mecca for die-hard fans of Stephenie Meyer's book and its accompanying films (so far, 'Twilight,''New Moon,' and the highly-anticipated 'Eclipse,' which opens June 30), have brought about some big changes to this logging town of about 3,300. What has not changed, however, is the tight-knit town's friendly demeanor and sense of pride. Marcia Bingham, the town's Chamber of Commerce Director, is pleased when visitors tell her, "We came to Forks because of 'Twilight.' We'll be back because of Forks."