I don't think the deluge will let up now that we're only three and a half months away from the big-screen release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Right on the heels of the first trailer, and just before New Moon hits DVD shelves on March 20, the YouTube feed UnofficiallyEclipse is sharing the Eclipse sneak peek on the new DVD. I would assume this is the previously reported WalMart footage, but that's supposed to be 7 minutes long, and this is only 2.

Regardless, this bit of clips and sound bites from the stars should appeal, probably even more than the trailer. Rather than focusing on the bosom-swelling romance (although there is a tiny bit of snuggly Edward and Bella), this sneak peek is designed as an introduction to David Slade and just why he was brought in for the darkest chapter of the book series. You see more of the cast -- chats with Riley, Victoria, and even Bree, some glimpses of the newborn army, and a lot of quick clips of the Cullens practicing their fighting moves before the attack.

Check it out after the jump.