In order to keep high-profile projects under wraps, filmmakers often use code words during the movie's pre-production and filming. 'Return of the Jedi' was pretty famously known as 'Blue Harvest' while filming, in case any curious fans tried to spy on the production.

It's a practice still in use to this day -- thankfully, no one thought to look in on that movie being filmed down the street called 'Rory's First Kiss' or else they could have spoiled 'The Dark Knight' for the rest of us.

But what if directors had a last-minute change of heart and liked the fake titles more than the real ones? What would it look like on the big screen to see 'Party in Fresno' instead of 'War of the Worlds'? The Sci Fi Wire has a list of 37 blockbuster sci-fi films and the code words they used during production, and they've offered up a few mock title screens to give us a glimpse into an alternate film history.
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