Remember how Marvel was supposed to have locked down its new Captain America by early March? Remember how John Krasinski was all but confirmed for the role? Remember when Marvel seemed to suddenly cool on him and go back to looking at a few previous contenders? Remember how Chris Evans suddenly made his way onto the list of potentials?

This epic tale of casting misadventure continues with the news that Ryan Phillipe and Channing Tatum have been shuffled into the mix.

What does this mean? I don't know. I'm ready to throw my hands in the air and scream "Just figure it out already!" concerning this whole Captain America thing. Marvel's casting track record has been pretty darn solid so far, all things considered, so it's possible they're just trying to make sure they have the right guy. Or they're indecisive and terrified of getting this wrong.

My hands are in the air: "Just figure it out already!"

What of Phillipe and Tatum?

Personally, I like Phillipe just fine as an actor and he's played soldiers before in Stop-Loss and Flags of Our Fathers, but at 35, he seems a little too old and a little too well known considering that Marvel have explicitly stated that they're looking for a somewhat unknown actor in his 20s. I also don't see him as Captain America, but there are worse choices out there.

Tatum has also played soldiers before, in Dear John and G.I. Joe, and he has the natural build of a superhero. He also has that "hot, young rising star" thing going for him. However, muscular builds and a few previous lead roles do mean he has the ability to move his face or avoid being a black hole of anti-charisma. This is a bad choice, Marvel.

That's enough fanboy whining from me! Hopefully we'll get something concrete soon. Hopefully the final name will start with a John and end with a Krasinski.

(Via Hitfix and Deadline)
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