Bogie and Bacall, Hepburn and Tracy, Loy and Powell. Heck, even Chase and Hawn. Cinema is full of memorable actor/actress duos who regularly worked together. Yet in recent years there hasn't been anything like these classic pairings. I've been wanting to do a list or discussion post related to this issue for awhile now, but after hearing what Catherine Zeta-Jones said on Rachel Ray about wanting to star in a remake of The War of the Roses with husband Michael Douglas, I just had to get something out there. The War of the Roses was originally a movie that reunited Douglas and Kathleen Turner (and Danny DeVito) for their third film together. And boy do I really wish they'd done more. They had great chemistry, whether they were falling in love romance-novel style or trying to kill each other in a messy divorce.

I guess it hasn't been as easy or necessary for these kinds of consistent pairs (and really, Bogart and Bacall only did four together, but their marriage makes it seem like more) since the studio system collapsed. Stars aren't contracted to studios and regularly working with the same also-contracted performers. They don't shoot as many films in a single year, either. And really, stars aren't that big a draw anymore on their own, let alone with a partner. Still, there are at least seven onscreen pairs I'd like to see reunited on a regular basis. And you probably have some of your own ideas for who could or should be a modern day Loy and Powell, who appeared in 14 films together, six of them as part of the Thin Manfranchise. Basically, what actor and actress do you think had enough chemistry onscreen together to last for many more films?
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