The geek news has taken two extremes as of late -- so enormous that I can barely fit it into one post, or nonexistent. Now, as the summer season draws near, we're getting all kinds of little bites as some big movies move into production. That means I get to revive my roundup, my bullet points, and my nifty little graphic!
  • The hunt for Captain America continues. HitFix reports that Ryan Phillippe has been called up for a screen test, and Deadline Hollywood Daily countered with a report that Channing Tatum had been invited to test. (So, basically they're looking at the entire cast of Stop-Loss.) DHD is practically claiming Tatum is a done deal if he just accepts the offer Marvel may give him. (I beat Marvel to the punch a year ago! ) Since everyone who is blonde, tall, and handsome, how about Invictus' Scott Eastwood? He caught my eye kicking that winning goal.

  • Variety reports that C2 Entertainment is adapting Red Eye Press' Dana Valentine series into a film. Valentine is an assassin who enjoys a typical contract killer's life -- always in danger, ducking her past, endangering those around her. I haven't read it, but I love assassin stories, so I'm going to hunt it down so I have a better opinion. In the meantime, good luck C2. You're new on the filmmaking block, but if you could make your name with an action heroine, I'll worship you forever.
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