Those lucky ducks at SXSW, they might have all the new movies, Kick-Ass premieres, and the irreplaceable Alamo Drafthouse, but what do we have? Kick-ass movies, and all the comforts of our own homes -- that's what!

Since most of the Horror Squad staff is reveling in SXSW, they won't re-enter the grind until Friday, March 19, when they discuss The Signal. But for the rest of us:

Sci-Fi Squad and Cinematical scribe John Gholson picked Michael Crichton's Runaway for their latest discussion, one that just so happens to star the king of the moustache himself, Tom Selleck. The 1984 flick follows Selleck as he "handles robotic mishaps in the near-future, and uncovers a plot involving microchips that cause robots to go berserk."

I, meanwhile, dug into the Russian Roulette horror that is The Deer Hunter for Cinematical's Movie Club. Mainly, I wondered: Could an epic, slowly-paced, 3-hour movie about war get made today? And, moreover, would it hold the same cinematic appreciation by the world-at-large?

Stay tuned at SciFi Squad for the next round this Friday, and meanwhile, join the Twitter discussion Wednesday night at 10 P.M. EST when I livetweet the next pick, cult favorite Donnie Darko, with #cinemovieclub and #donniedarko.
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