Want healthier concession options at your local multiplex? You're not alone, and in fact an entire movie studio is with you on the idea. At ShoWest, the annual theater owners convention, Sony Pictures Chairman and CEO Michael Lynton addressed the topic yesterday in his keynote address, claiming that studies show a majority of moviegoers are interested in substitutes for the regular old popcorn and candy offerings. Reportedly two-thirds of people surveyed would buy healthier concessions if available while 42% of parents would buy movie theater snacks more often if there were healthier options to give to their kids.

This isn't shocking, but really what kind of options can there be? I remember back when moviegoers were first requesting such alternatives -- this was 1995, when I worked at a multiplex that attempted to introduce pre-packaged bags of "light" popcorn. They didn't sell. Not because they weren't a good idea, but because the bags were tiny and still way overpriced. And while bottled water is now a very lucrative item for cinemas, I don't understand why more people aren't just filling their own aluminum canteens with drinking fountain water, as I do. Speaking of bringing your own alternatives, are people really going to simply stop bringing in their own cheap, specifically favored healthy options once the multiplex begins selling apple slices and carrot sticks?
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