Photo by James Rocchi, who Tweeted: "This is madness. This is MacGruber. This is South By"

Celebrity Sightings: The Hollywood Reporter has some pics of Adrian Brody, Jamie Lynn Sigler and others from opening night of the festival.

Our Coverage: You saw the photo of Jen Yamato's red carpet interview with the ladies of Elektra Luxxyesterday; now learn what Malin Ackerman, Carla Gugino and Emmanuelle Chriqui told her, as well as what happened at the film's world premiere when the projection fails two-thirds through. Jen also interviewedChloe Sevigny of Barry Munday and Mr. Nice.

Kevin Kelly talked withLeaves of Grassdirector Tim Blake Nelson and star (x2) Edward Norton and chatted upCyrus lead Jonah Hill, who'd like Cinematical and other blogs to be a little gentle on him from now on.

As for reviews, Eric D. Snider calls the documentary His & Hers "adorably sweet." At Horror Squad, Alison Nastasi writes of Tony, "the story is more of a social realist character study than an outright horror film and some of the essentially British issues may be unfamiliar to certain audiences, but the overall ideas are universal." At SciFi Squad, Micah Matthews writes of Hubble 3D: "I can honestly say that watching this movie in true IMAX 3D was an experience unlike any I've had before."