I, probably like you, exploded a little inside at the news that someone, anyone, was remaking the brilliant film Let the Right One In less than two years after it was first released in its native Sweden. I have an undying love for Tomas Alfredson's film, which is as fresh a breath of air as one can find from a vampire film, and don't want to see anyone dumb it down for American audiences. Fortunately for fans, it seems like Matt Reeves, the man behind the retitled remake Let Me In, shared those very same concerns.

recently sat down with Reeves to chat about remaking what so many already consider to be an untouchable film, and I must say, he won me over. I'm not the only one either. Later in the day, Reeves was a member at the SXSW panel Directing the Dead: Genre Directors Spill Their Guts and you could practically feel the room packed with several hundred horror fans breathe a collective sigh of relief after he echoed much of what he told Cinematical below.

Cinematical: How terrified are you at this point of the horror fans?

Matt Reeves: You know, it's interesting. I totally get why, I would have that reaction and I totally get the cynicism of "I know what's going to happen..." Especially because when I was first getting involved, someone was asking me what I would do with the story and I was talking about Americanizing the story and there's been an idea about what Americanization means. There's an assumption that immediately goes, "Oh, he's going to take it and make it a big, stupid American film and destroy everything that's great about this story!"