Was it easier being a movie or comic fan before the Internet? Was there some kind of bliss in finding out some unknown kid named Christopher -- Reefs? Reeve? It's Reeve? Ok! -- was cast as the lead in Richard Donner's Superman? Bliss in the sense of you couldn't really talk about it, just wonder, and you had no illusions of being part of a vocal collective who could sway the minds of studio executives? Wasn't it easier to essentially not know these things until the trailer hit?

Maybe. Maybe not. Musty comic shops probably had a few fans who hung around after closing just to complain about how it should have been Steve McQueen, desperate for the kind of community who cared about who donned the cape, sad they had to hang around a comic shop after hours. But then I look at my Twitter feed and it's full of fans who are bitterly exhausted by the First Avenger: Captain America casting rumors -- which have only been going strong for a few weeks -- and I wonder if it's better not to know about the short lists and the screen tests. Hell, even my geeky mom blew off the first round of John Krasinski-led rumors with a "I hate that stuff gets reported. Who cares? Just tell me who is cast."
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