I've been keeping my eye on the cinematic adaptation of TokyoPop's manga Priest for a long time now--from back in the days when Gerard Butler was attached to star in it. Since then, the film's had casting changes (Butler out, Paul Bettany in), landed a new director, and been bumped on its release schedule. However, as last night's Entertainment Tonight proves, the film is still coming.

ET scored an exclusive first look at the title, which finds Bettany playing a warrior priest who defies the church when vampires kidnap his niece. Cam Gigandet and Stephen Moyer co-star.

The clip finds the three stars talking a bit about their experience shooting the film and highlights some of the wire-work used to pull off the elaborately choreographed fight scenes. Moyer goes so far as to say he thinks Priest's vamps are stronger than the ones on his other foray into the land of bloodsuckers, True Blood.

Priest is set to kick off the human/vampire war on January 14th, 2011 Jump past the break to check out ET's early look at the film.
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