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That cropped pic up there -- that's the first Scott Pilgrim v. the World poster! See it in its entirety over at Coming Soon.

Porn stars play Dungeons and Dragons, or is an industry trying to reclaim their hold on the geek? io9 talks to Satine Phoenix.

GalleyCat spots the book trailer for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls.

Steve Jobs Head Cheese hits the plate! Errr.. Rather Jobs' head made of cheese, over at Neatorama.

SGU finale ... "upsetting and cruel?" SciFi Wire shares a video with Brian J. Smith (Lt. Matthew Scott).

The Awesomer
previews the PS3 game, 3D Dot Game Heroes... ""He builds giant, evil stone golems with lasers... because it's fun to blow them up."

Kathryn Bigelow turned down the chance to direct the new Spider-Man according to the LA Times.
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