There was a time when Conan O'Brien had his dream job on The Tonight Show, but his luck, unfortunately, was fleeting. That pesky Jay Leno wanted to get back into the seat, so NBC axed the tall redhead. O'Brien's severance package earned him a healthy $30 million pay-out, but there was a catch -- he had to agree to stay off the television airwaves until the fall. But they said nothing about the big screen!

Deadline Hollywood
reports that early talks have begun to turn Conan's 30-city tour, "The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour," into a documentary feature. Media Rights Capital is thinking about financing the project, and Rodman Flender is in talks to direct. Flender has been spent many years directing for the small screen, but he has also written Dracula Rising, acted in flicks like Carnosaur, and helmed Leprechaun 2.

Conan O'Brien on the big screen? That's news enough, and something that should make Chris and Elisabeth happy. But what really charms me on the idea is the potential. Sure, there will be a lot to work with digging into the show, but the drama that brought it on should help form a really engaging documentary -- not only the tour itself, but how Conan and his crew dropped it all to go to L.A. and take over The Tonight Show, get axed after 7 months, and then how O'Brien cooked up a live show to help his roughly 40 staff people stay gainfully employed. It's not a fictional feature, but at least it's a start, right?
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