The 2010 film festival season is well underway, and after attending back-to-back monsters like Sundance and SXSW, there's always a huge part of me that looks forward to the Gen Art Film Festival and its simple pitch of seven shorts, seven features and seven parties spread across seven days in New York City. To help spread the word this year, the good folks at Gen Art have put together this tantalizing sneak peek at the films premiering between the nights of April 7th-13th, 2010, and they've handed it over to Cinematical to debut. Why? Because we're cool like that.

I've heard people refer to Gen Art's fest as "the best of the fests" since they usually program films that were very successful at other festivals; sort of like a highly entertaining playlist featuring some of the films festival audiences liked best this past year. And for their special 15th Annual Gen Art Film Festival, they're bringing out the big guns -- screening Sundance audience award winners (like happythankyoumoreplease, a film which you'll be able to watch the first footage from in the video after the jump) and Slamdance audience award winners (like The Wild Hunt), as well as other fest favorites like Mercy,Tanner Hall, Teenage Paparazzo, Waiting for Forever and Elektra Luxx (a personal favorite of mine).

Check out this special exclusive sneak peek at all the films screening at Gen Art this year after the jump, then hop on over to their official website for more info on the festival, like schedules and ticket info.