In a sea of boob and fart-filled '80s teen comedies, Lisa Gottlieb's Just One of the Guys is a smarty pants, funny as hell take on the typical high school tropes. It's also the movie where I learned that you could use a broken pencil eraser as an impromptu earring backing! There are a host of colorful characters, including an intelligent and charming lead actress in Joyce Hyser, who portrays Terri Griffith. She's a cute wannabe journalist who wants to be taken seriously but keeps getting the wrong kind of attention, so she enrolls in a rival high school as a boy to prove that women can write their pants off the same as men.

During Terri's journey of self discovery and fight for fair treatment, her super horny brother Buddy (who plasters his bedroom walls with centerfold posters and hilariously hams it up in every scene) tries teaching her how to adjust her gym sock package and covers for her (as a him) when Terri's yuppie d-bag boyfriend comes around for attention. At school, Terri befriends and eventually falls for the nerdy nowadays hipstermusician, while fending off the jerky jock and dodging a girl who is lusty for him/her.

There's a slew of serious themes running throughout the movie and the humor relies more on snarky quips vs. locker-room gags, which makes it just as enjoyable for me now as it was when I saw it in high school. And I think one summer I watched it dozens of times. Some other high points include the non-stop '80s fashion parade and tuneage, kids drinking beer and eating tons of takeout with no parents in sight (Buddy's hilarious "scumbag & buttface" phone convo with mom is the only sign they even exist), and of course the big reveal at the prom.

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