Humor and what makes people laugh in general are very difficult qualities to quantify. Often, the very thing that makes Joe howl makes Jane groan (and maybe re-assess her opinion of Joe). It's that personal.

However, the Moviefone staff, never ones to shy away from a difficult challenge, have compiled a highly biased and in no way definitive list of the 25 funniest people working in movies today. (We're sure you'll weigh in on who you think was left out and who should have been.)

Here's our assessment of the 25 top comedic talents, many of them graduates of the venerable institution 'Saturday Night Live,' several of them stars of high-profile sitcoms (while this list is intended to be movie-centric, some of these actors' prominent TV work cannot be ignored), and some relative newcomers (to movies, anyway) who are so funny, we'd put money on their future success.
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