This is an awesome item that I am thrilled to bring you guys. We all know that no DVD cover will ever be able to match the beauty and genius of VHS cover art. If you haven't given Portable Grindhouse: The Lost Art of the VHS Box, Vol.1 a good thumb-through, you have to do it post-bloody-haste! Someone who needs no lecture on the superiority of VHS cover art is North Carolina horror blogger Phelpster from The Manchester Morgue.

What this warrior of lost formats has done is to retrofit DVD boxes with classic posters, logos, and one-sheets to make it look like vintage VHS. As the writer of Terror Tapes here at Horror Squad, this guy's stuff makes me want to cry. It's not only the DVDs for cult horror that get the retro treatment, but films that are so recent that they are still in theaters. I've included his cover for The Crazies remake because the thought that any theatrical horror film could be brought to us by my beloved Media Blasters is almost too exquisite. Please, please, please check out The Manchester Morgue and these multimedia masterpieces. And a big thanks to @zombiefreak for bringing this to my Twitter-tention.
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