So there I was, safe and secure in the knowledge that my beloved Fright Night had avoided the curse of the remake (while Sony focused their attention on another horror property). But I should have thought it through, because these days showing a little fang means money in the bank. Back in November, Monika had brought us the news that Buffy scribe, Marti Noxon, had signed on to write the remake of the horror comedy, and today, Variety confirmed that Craig Gillespie has officially signed with Dreamworks to direct the update of the 80's classic about a suburban boy who discovers his neighbor is a vampire and after his girlfriend.

Gillespie might seem like an odd choice to take the reigns, and he only has a few feature credits on his resume (including the critical hit Lars and the Real Girl and the less than critical hit, Mr. Woodcock). As for Noxon, her resume is chock-full of work penning scripts for television, including Buffy, Mad Men, and even Prison Break. But even though her film work is a little spottier, I have a feeling her Buffy experience with 'post-modern' vampire stories will probably come in handy.

The story of a young man in a battle with the vamp next door is probably one of the most beloved horror comedies in movie history, and suffice to say that the fan reaction to a remake wasn't entirely positive. So while it isn't going to be easy to please fans like myself, it isn't impossible, and whether we like it or not, we are getting our remake. Hopefully the addition of Noxon and Gillespie means that the film has a shot at being something a little more interesting than just a poor-man's copy of the real thing.
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