I can see Gus Van Sant making a Twilightmovie if he's allowed to do it in his minimalist "death trilogy" style. And maybe if Sofia Coppola made Breaking Dawn she could use the money she makes on a more interesting film later. But Bill Condon? He's the one director in Summit's wish list that I can't see doing the thing. Sure, he did a Candyman movie so he can do horror -- which the Oscars told us Twilight is. And he also got spooky and paranormal more than 20 years ago with his directorial debut, Sister, Sister, as well as with his early scripts for Strange Behavior and Strange Invaders. But otherwise he's mainly a biopic guy these days. And this is why I hope he at least takes a meeting regarding this Twilight offer and turns his gathered research into a film about the series' creator, Stephanie Meyer.

I'm only calling it Gods and Monsters 2 because it's 2 for Tuesday, and because it would also deal with a person behind a very successful horror franchise. I guess better titles associated with the James Whale-centered film might be Bride of Gods and Monsters or simply Gods and Monsters Too. I just love the ridiculousness of those "Too" sequels. Anyway, I honestly don't really know much about Meyer other than her religious background and the fact that she never thought she'd make it as an author. Whatever, I'm sure the guy who gave us Kinsey and Dreamgirls and who will give us a serviceable Richard Pryor biopic in the near future can figure out an angle.

All I'm going to say is, age issue aside, Gods and Monsters costar Lolita Davidovich for the lead. And to Summit: once your cash cow has dried up, milk the cow's mom for something related, like a biopic, might still get the fans in the seats. Just get the Twilight kids to show up as themselves for cameos.
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