One look at the trailer for 'Repo Men' and you know you're in for some grisly business. Flesh incisions are a common sight, as are bloody, freshly removed organs. "It should be shocking," says star Jude Law. "What's interesting about this is that it's set in a realistic world, and you should be shocked at how desensitized these guys are."

"These guys" are Remy (Law) and Jake (Forest Whitaker), repo men in a not-so-distant futuristic metropolis who specialize in collecting organs from the unlucky souls who've fallen behind on payments to "The Union." In a way, the two are like corporate grim reapers; nothing quite kills your day like having your heart literally ripped from your chest.

"It's pretty heavy, I mean you can't make a movie about organ transplants without a little blood and gore," says Liev Schreiber, who plays Frank, Remy and Jake's smarmy superior at The Union. "[Director Miguel Sapochnik] definitely goes over the top in a wonderful way," adds Schreiber, who admits he "cringes a little" at the film's gore.
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