It was during the somewhat underwhelming tribute to filmmaker John Hughes, during this year's Oscar telecast, that my eyes misted up ever so slightly. I realized what a big part of growing up his movies had been for me (and I know untold others). In fact, I still get a twinge of nostalgia when I catch one of his films on a Sunday afternoon. But as much as I may love his films, if I had to pick my favorite Hughes' comedy, I would have to go with Sixteen Candles. Unlike so many other '80s films, it's a movie that isn't bound by age, what decade it is, or even what passed for fashion sense, it just remains a very funny movie, and one of Hughes' best. So for today's Scenes (Songs) We Love, I went with a song that maybe isn't the most well known from the film, but it was a big hit around my house thanks to an older sister with a taste for all things 'Mod' -- and she was a redhead, how cool was that? So, if are you unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is The Specials, may I introduce you to "Little Bitch."

The Specials had formed in 1977, but by 1981, most of the original lineup was long gone. The song would have been relatively old by the time Hughes got his hands on it for Candles, since it was on their 79' debut self-titled album. You have to be pretty familiar with the film to place the track, because if you blink you'll miss the classic ska song. But for the curious (and the obsessive) out there, it is the soundtrack to one of my favorite comedy dances of all time, Joan Cusack getting down in a neck brace; like I said, it's easy to miss.However, it is a perfect example of Hughes' spectacular taste when it came to music in his films, and how he would find songs that maybe weren't pop hits, but exposed teens, and pre-teens like myself, to what good music was -- and Cusack doing the new-wave twist was the icing on the cake.

After the jump; I know you know you're just a little bitch!
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