Context is often your most powerful ally when faced with something you don't understand. And in that vein, a little context is probably best presented before diving into a movie like A Serbian Film. Alamo maestro Tim League was disturbed and blown away by this film. Here's a guy who watches countless movies at film festivals around the globe as well as on screeners that filmmakers send him in his capacity as co-founder and head honcho for Fantastic Fest and the SX Fantastic slate that runs during SXSW. Tim's the guy who fought to get Pascal Laugier's Martyrs shown at Fantastic Fest a few years ago. The man has seen movies that have never seen the light of day in most places. And he got up on stage during this film's introduction and admitted to flinching more than once based on the heinous acts depicted in A Serbian Film.

The basic setup is that Milos, a former porn star, has retired and settled down to start a family. But his savings won't last forever, so when a former co-star approaches him with an opportunity for a big payday if he'll shoot a high-concept porn film for a mysterious producer/director, he finds himself saying yes despite his numerous reservations. Milos meets with Vukmir, the mastermind behind the plan, and he signs a contract to appear in the film, despite Vukmir's refusals to tell him much of anything about it. Vukmir is obsessed with exploring the boundaries of art and film through pornography, and even though Milos is uneasy about the arrangement, the money is simply too much to pass up. With his responsibility to provide for his family weighing upon him, Milos finds himself tumbling down the rabbit hole.
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