Struggling to keep up with the hordes and reviews that Cinematical and sister sites SciFi Squad and Horror Squad are pushing? Here's your handy round-up by day:

Thursday, March 11

Erik Childress talks to The People Vs. George Lucas director Alexandre O. Philippe.

Friday, March 12

Todd Gilchrist on Kick-Ass at Cinematical: "Unfortunately, as a full-length film, Kick-Ass is a great comic book come to life, but not much else."

Erik Childress talks to Elektra Luxx director Sebastian Gutierrez at Cinematical.

Erik Childress talks to Greenlit director Miranda Bailey at Cinematical.

Saturday, March 13

Jette Kernion on Micmacs at Cinematical: "Its playfulness is engaging and contagious and takes over any seriousness of story or plot."

Erik Childress talks to American Grindhouse director Elijah Drenner at Cinematical.

Todd Gilchrist checks out the Predators preview at Cinematical.

Scott Weinberg talks the Alamo Drafthouse's Tim League at Cinematical.

Todd Gilchrist talks to Happy Poet writer-director-star Paul Gordon at Cinematical.