I have a love/hate relationship with the Syfy channel. I enjoy awful Z-grade movies and Twilight Zone reruns as much as the next guy, but after they had the nerve to produce the incredible Battlestar Galactica, I feel like giving the network a big slap on the face and shout "See what you did there? Why can't you do more things like that?" They also changed their name from Sci-Fi, which accurately describes their content, to Syfy, which sounds like 18th century slang for what happens when a sailor isn't careful while in port. I really have to wonder who is running the show over there.

That guy is apparently Mark Stern, who has greenlit a new pilot called Three Inches for the network. The show "...centers on an underachiever who gains the power to move any object using his mind, but only for a distance of three inches. He recruits a team of fellow heroes, each with their own less-than-spectacular abilities." Sounds like either an intentionally comedic Heroes or a TV version of the flawed-yet-fun-and-forgotten Mystery Men. Says Stern: "It's a very postmodern approach, with a really wonderful, tongue-in-cheek script."

A postmodern, tongue-in-cheek superhero series? Consider me there for the pilot, at the very least. The 90-minute pilot will premiere at a time and date that has not been announced yet. What do those sci-fi dreamers/afflicted colonial merchant marines have up their sleeves? More as it happens.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)
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