Sometimes it's hard enough to make a list of favorite movies, let alone favorite scenes from favorite movies. But that's just what a handful of filmmakers have done for writer Philip French for a new article in The Guardian. French kicks things off with an appreciation of Psycho (the shower scene of course) and a few other favorites. Then we get down to business. Ryan Fleck (Half Nelson and Sugar) chooses the great chase sequence in The French Connection. "It was the kind of thing that you just would never get away with these days," he says.

Ken Loach (The Wind That Shakes the Barley) is next, and chooses the bicycle scene from Jules and Jim: "It evokes what you imagine to be the perfect French vacation." Oscar winning animator Nick Park ("Wallace & Gromit") chooses the skeleton scene in Jason and the Argonauts. "Disney films didn't make me want to go home and do it myself because it was shrouded in mystery and technique. But when I saw the skeletons in Harryhausen's film I wanted immediately to do it myself, because you got a sense of how it might be done," says Park.

Our favorite grindhouse-lovin', movie-crazy English director Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz) also chooses a scene. So does the brilliant Claire Denis from France, as well as filmmakers Beeban Kidron, Stephen Poliakoff, and producer Stephen Woolley, but I'll leave their choices for you to discover. Meanwhile, I'll submit a favorite choice of my own: the swimming pool scene from Cat People (1942), with the shimmery lights on the wall, and the echoing screams creating a kind of mysterious terror nearly unequaled in movies.

Your thoughts/choices, dear readers?
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