After playing Fanny Brawne in last year's Bright Star, actress Abbie Cornish is getting ready for her next historic adventure. According to Variety, she's going to topline W.E., the Wallis Simpson feature that Madonna is co-writing with Alex Keshishian, which the ol' Material Girl is also planning to direct. (The trade also notes that Cornish is set to play the female lead opposite Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro in Dark Fields.)

It's been an intriguing path to this point. Last October, there was word that Madonna was prepping this feature to direct, but it was being described as a romantic comedy about a woman named Wally Winthrop, and her romantic forays with a pediatrician and security guard. The twist was that somehow, intermingled into this tale, are "fantasy and flashback scenes" focusing on Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, and that whole throne abdication. When word hit with the trades last month, however, the romcom Wally part of the scenario seemed to be forgotten, with the film described as a biopic about Edward and Wallis.

So, either way, there's some VIII action coming our way, starring Abbie Cornish. She may have replaced the previously mentioned Vera Farmiga, or if the romcom twist is still in effect, they could both be grabbing lead roles.

Comedy ... historical drama ... which do you think Madonna would be better suited for?
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