Beeswax DVDOkay, I've seen some weird marketing tactics -- especially this week at SXSW -- but this one takes the cake. Or gives away the pie, actually. The producers of Andrew Bujalski's film Beeswax have cooked up a very funny contest to market the movie's DVD, which will be released by Cinema Guild on April 6.

Here's the deal: The DVD package you buy includes a small snippet of 16mm film with a frame or two from Beeswax. Very nice. One of the snippets is from a sex scene in which Austin filmmaker (Goliath) and occasional actor David Zellner is dressing and has his back to the camera. In other words ... Zellner butt. If you get this priceless piece of indie cinema memorabilia, someone from the Beeswax cast or crew will meet you for free pie. They're betting that the winner will live in or near a city easily accessible to one of them, and the perverse part of me wants all of you in places like Topeka, Kansas and Billings, Montana to buy lots of copies of Beeswax.

I'm not sure this contest will directly encourage people to buy copies of the Beeswax DVD unless they are crazy obsessed with David Zellner, but it seems effective to me. After all, here I am writing about it, and now you know about it. I reviewed Beeswax when it played SXSW 2009, and I think you should see it because it's a good movie. The possibilities of free nude pix and dessert are just, er, a cherry on the top of the cake. I mean, pie.