Whenever lists of horror movies that should be on DVD turns up, Frank De Felitta's Dark Night of the Scarecrowis invariably mentioned. That's pretty impressive considering it was a made-for-television flick. We've heard various rumblings about the title finally coming to DVD, but none of them have panned out. The latest rumor, which was first reported over at Horror Yearbook, has the title finally coming to DVD players everywhere courtesy of VCI.

Writer J.D. Feigelson tells the site that we should expect the disc sometime around Halloween. If this turns out to be true, it's very good news indeed.

Originally airing back in 1981, Dark Night of the Scarecrow starred Larry Drake as a retarded man wrongly accused of raping a young girl. Charles Durning is so convinced that Drake's character has committed the crime that he rounds up a posse of vigilantes and dispenses his own brand of justice. When the men avoid prison for their crime, a malevolent scarecrow begins picking them off one by one...

This simple tale of supernatural revenge benefited from a genuinely spooky atmosphere and a frightening scarecrow costume. I was roughly nine years old the first time I saw Dark Night and it creeped me out so bad that I still remember some of the scenes almost thirty years later. I do wonder if it will hold up when compared to my childhood memories, but word from various folks who've seen it on bootlegs over the past few years indicate that it's as good as we remembered. No word on extras yet, but I'd settle for a bare bones disc just to have this movie in my collection at this point.
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