Vancouverite Alex Ferris is only 12 years old, but he has already worked with big stars like Robin Williams, Eric Bana and Jon Voight. The talented young actor recently scored accolades for his role as Young Henry in 'The Time Traveler's Wife', starring Bana and fellow Canuck Rachel McAdams.

Ferris's latest role is as Collin in the movie 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid.' The flick follows the wise-cracking junior high student Greg, who hatches numerous schemes to try to attain the attention he feels he deserves. Ferris's character Collin plays a fellow student who crosses paths with Greg.

Moviefone caught up with Ferris to chat about everything from the advice he got from Robin Williams to who he wants to work with the most to his most embarrassing audition to date (Hint: it involves barf!).