One of my favorite performances from SXSW 2010 was Billy Dee Williams as Patrick Wilson's ultra-cool boss in Barry Munday. Just how ultra-cool was he? Ultra-cool enough to drive a gull-wing DeLorean DMC-12, that's how ultra-cool.

Ever since seeing the iconic vehicle roll onto the silver screen once again, I've had an itch to re-watch what has long been my personal favorite sci-fi trilogy. It's an itch I get at least once a year. But since I don't have time right now to watch all three movies, I'll tide myself over by posting a few BTTF-related items of interest over the next few days.

Up first is an incredible DIY paperwork DeLorean from Back To The Future II. I'm not a big arts-and-crafts guy, but I'm tempted to track down a high-quality printer and give this project a go:

The full-resolution version can be found at Kryptonian Warrior. If you end up putting one together, leave a link to a picture in the comments.
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