In 'Greenberg,' writer-director Noah Baumbach ('The Squid and the Whale,' 'Margot at the Wedding') takes his brand of indie filmmaking out of New York and ventures west.

His latest feature stars a pared-down Ben Stiller in the titular role of Roger Greenberg, an emotionally unstable, unlikeable layabout who travels from New York to Los Angeles after suffering a nervous breakdown to house-sit for his wealthier, more successful brother while he is off on vacation with his family.

While there, the unmoored, forty-ish Greenberg attempts to get back in touch with his old bandmates (including one played by Rhys Ifans) and befriends his brother's personal assistant (Greta Gerwig,) a fellow musician who, as it turns out, is a little lost and drifting herself.

Baumbach came up with the story along with his real-life wife, Jennifer Jason Leigh (who also appears on screen in a supporting role as Greenberg's ex-girlfriend). And critics were generally in favor of this movie, out in limited release Friday. 'Greenberg' has also earned praise for newcomer Gerwig and particularly Stiller, who, free from any sort of over-the-top Zoolander trappings, ably delivers a nuanced performance as a self-absorbed, unsympathetic character without resorting to endearing eccentricities.

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