Until all the hullabaloo about A Serbian Film (check out Luke's review) hit earlier this week, there were only two films that I had on my "must see in 2010 list". The First, Takeshi Kitano's return to Yakuza cinema Outrage, isn't even a horror film. The second would be Tom Six's messed up The Human Centipede. We brought you news that IFC had acquired the US distribution rights for the film not too long ago and now comes the official release date.

IFC has decided that The Human Centipede will make its theatrical debut on April 28th (thanks to Shock Till You Drop for clarifying the date), two days before Platinum Dunes' remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. All the buzz over the potential showdown between the two films is pointless, because The Human Centipede is going to open on a very limited number of screens and then slowly expand as time passes. A Nightmare on Elm Street, on the other hand, will open wide on the 30th.

As proof that there is truth in advertising, The Human Centipede is exactly what it sounds like. A crazed doctor (Dieter Laser) captures unsuspecting victims, removes their knees, sews them together mouth-to-anus, and forms the title creation. Interestingly enough, this is only part one of a planned trilogy.

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