I don't think there is anything that could keep Ashton Kutcher down, or out, or away from the world of crappy romcoms. It doesn't matter if they're successful or a mess, he just keeps getting more and more. (Oh, the power of the producer!) After being the main, flower-centric dude of Valentine's Day, we've got Killers on the way with Katherine Heigl, and now, Variety reports that he's gearing up for romcom currently titled Friends with Benefits. (No link to this 2006 project.)

Ivan Reitman will jump behind the camera for his first feature since My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Ghostbusters III aside), and Natalie Portman will co-star. Written by Elizabeth Meriwether, the plot is under wraps, but "generally revolves around the ease with which men and women become sexually involved, but have a far more difficult time establishing emotional bonds." Reitman says: "It's an issue ripe for discussion."

A discussion-worthy issue + romcom aren't ideas that usually get merged, so that has me minimally intrigued. I'm more, however, wondering about Natalie Portman. Just when it seems like she's solidly in the plus column, she picks a terribly random, or just plain terrible role. With Hesher out this year, two more in post-production, one filming, one in pre-production, and another five movies on her plate ... it's not like she's hurting for work. But maybe, with all it's ripe discussion, this flick will pack more of a punch than we can imagine. ...or maybe not. Stay tuned! Production is scheduled to kick off this May, and a release date is already set -- January 7, 2011.
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