Bruce Willis has found his next feature film buddy. Deadline Hollywood reports that Jamie Foxx will star with Willis in the upcoming videogame adaptation Kane & Lynch. Well, actually, they happened to spot the news on Kyle Ward's Twitter, a leaked little goodie that has since been deleted. However, as Deadline writes: "There's no room for rewrites in the Twitter world, so the news is officially out there."

So, assuming Mr. Screenwriter isn't just imagining things and deleting things to increase intrigue, Foxx will play the schizophrenic psychopath/ticking time bomb to Willis' Kane, a mercenary who is broken out of prison and given "72 hours to recover a doomsday device," with his kidnapped wife and daughter used as incentive. Yes, it was once a stolen fortune, but why deal with that tired pile of gold when you can help move the doomsday clock forward another notch? ...especially when your main source of help is a psychopath!

Simon Crane is directing Ward's script, and I imagine production should start soon; last October, production was slated to begin this month. Willis is said to have thought the script was killer, so let's hope this will be a juicy little psychotic role for Foxx, and not another shmehfest like Cop Out.
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