Between showing off his Garry Marshall impersonation, regaling the imaginary joys of being birthed by his movie mom Marisa Tomei and storming off set to yell at a loud hotel-goer in the hallway, it's a wonder Jonah Hill got in any 'Cyrus' talk with his costar John C. Reilly ... but impressively, he did.

'Cyrus,' the latest from mumbelcore moviemaking brothers Mark and Jay Duplass, follows sad divorcee John (Reilly) who starts a whirlwind relationship with mysterious beauty Molly (Tomei), only to realize her grown son Cyrus (Hill) is still living at home, and he's more than a little protective of mom.

Moviefone sat down with the hilarious stars to hear about their new funny-meets-awkwardly uncomfortable festival flick at SXSW. What we got was ... well, see for yourself.