With blogging as hot as it is, and the fact that Julie & Julia earned itself an Oscar nomination for Meryl Streep, it was only a matter of time before another big name grabbed a bloggerific pic. Deadline Hollywood posts that Columbia Pictures has grabbed the rights to The Pioneer Woman, and will develop it as a "potential star vehicle" for Reese Witherspoon.

Unlike Julie Powell's blog, which focused on one very specific thing, there's a wide range of themes and quirks to choose from this time around. As the story goes, Ree Drummond was on her way to Chicago (from LA) when she detoured to Oklahoma, met "the cowboy of her dreams and transformed from spoiled city girl to domestic ranch wife." In other words, the opposite of Sweet Home Alabama. Drummond's blog is pretty cool, detailing food/home/garden blogging, photography, and even homeschooling. (I've been in love with her Action Sets for CS4 for a while now.) She's a bit of a movie fan as well, having recently devouredThe Brat Pack, John Hughes, and Their Impact on a Generation, and offering movie line questions as part of her "Smartypants Quizzes."

Unfortunately, Deadline says: "The film will explore the fantasy of trading big city living for a wholesome simpler life," but I'm really hoping they put some solid focus on the wickedly wide range of interests and experiences she has. Otherwise, we've seen it all before. A lot. We don't need Blog Hollywood.
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